Say bye to bots and automatic repair tools. Real humans repair your pc as soon as possible
We look upon various sources to solve your issue if unfamiliar which is highly unlikely
Professional Support
We hire and train experts to repair your pc as soon as possible
No more waiting for a technician to arrive at your home.  Made for the impatient generation

Our Work Process

Explain the issue and wait for us to respond if it can be resolved remotely

We will quote a reasonable price based on the severity of the issue

Pay via Google Pay

Follow the instruction to connect your pc to ours remotely

Issue will be resolved

If not satisfied with our service. All you have to do is to inform us

If you are not happy with the repair we’ll refund you instantly.

Our Skills

Virus and Malware Removal

Repair Windows Stability Issues

Repair Applications Stability Issues

Optimize Windows and improve security

Hardware Analysis

PC Scan and Assessment

Get you the Software/Games you need80%
PC Building/Buying Advice100%
PC Repair96%
Improving network security92%
Mac systems related issue90%

Issues we won’t resolve

Damaged write protected pen drive
Data recovery service

Why Choose Us

  • We are Fast


    We are reasonably priced


    We are straightforward people


    We are trustworthy


    No shady guy will ever enter your home


    You can see what we do in your pc